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Are you itching to get twitching? Where are you headed on your next birdwatching adventure? 

World Class Adventures has access to the best tour operators and will tailor the perfect holiday just for you.

Book the perfect Adventure - Complete an enquiry form or call us on 0117 452 1159 to get started!

World Class Adventures has access to the best tour operators and will tailor the perfect holiday just for you.

Book the perfect Adventure - Complete an enquiry form or call us on 0117 452 1159 to get started!

Just some of the destination choices for great bird-watching:

  • Wild geese and whirling waders, Norfolk – Waders wade, Oystercatchers scurry overhead. Turnstones quip, dunlins wheeze and redshanks yelp. Flocks of knots billow over the mud before flitting overhead. Witness the awesome sight of 30,000 pink-footed geese whiffle downwards on an invisible helter-skelter. 
  • Raptor Superhighway, Tarifa, Spain - Soaring raptors and storks unusually migrate by day. Tarifa, just west of Gibraltar, lies on the avian highway between European breeding grounds and African wintering quarters and the skies fill with white storks, griffon vultures, booted eagles, black kites and honey buzzards.
  • South America's Serengeti, The Pantanal, Brazil - The raucous hyacinth macaw, the world’s largest and rarest parrot is breathtakingly beautiful.  By the end of the dry season, all manner of water-dependent birds – from storks to ibises, spoonbills to sunbitterns – squeeze on to ever-shrinking bodies of water. Throw in jaguars, and crocodilia and the Pantanal is a memory in the making
  • Tancho tango, Hokkaido, Japan – Witness ivory, statuesque red-crowned cranes, and their mating dance, a bouncing, wing-flapping ballet, which brings birders flocking. Hokkaido also hosts other giants: the world’s largest night-bird (the Blakiston’s eagle-owl) and the hefty Steller’s sea-eagle).
  • Birds of Paradise, Papua New Guinea - See some of its 38 species of birds of paradise. Males seduce mates by waving filaments or fluffy tails, erecting iridescent throat ruffs or encircling themselves in what looks like a ballerina’s tutu, competing for a female’s attention by performing on a dance arena known as a lek.
  • The Galapagos - The varying bill shapes of “Darwin’s finches”, are (incorrectly) said to have crystallised Charles Darwin’s notion of evolution through natural selection. But the power of myth demands witnessing these birds – as well as a cast of albatrosses, frigatebirds and tropicbirds. 
  • King eider vortex, Arctic Norway - Varangerfjord’s sea, backdropped by majestic snowscapes, is littered with freezing ice blocks and boiling with thousands of seaducks and auks whirring frantically forward to reach the head of the flock.
  • Troglodyte rockfowls, Bonkro, Ghana - Deep within a tropical rainforest, white-necked rockfowls live communally in caves, each pair building a nest from fresh earthworm mounds.  For decades, it was the holy grail of Africa-bound birdwatchers
  • Seabird cityscape, Northumberland - The Farne Islands are a veritable seabird city.  Flotillas of puffins and guillemots are trumped only by blizzards of Arctic terns.
  • Life in the freezer, South Georgia - Nothing prepares you for the sight, sound and smell (!) of Salisbury Plain.  King penguins fill this bay and jostle for space with gentoo penguins and southern elephant seals, while Light-mantled albatrosses perform synchronised flights overhead.

With 30 years of Adventure Travel experience, World Class Adventures select operators who deliver the best possible holidays for our customers. We remain independent and have the flexibility to provide you with the best package to suit your specific needs and budget.  We search the whole market to find the best deals for every aspect of your trip so that you don’t have to, providing honest and impartial advice 

Don’t just see the world. Make it better.  Our planet‘s social and environmental welfare is important to us both as a business and as human beings. When you travel with us, you’re giving back as much as you take away. We strive to use ethical operators who support the local communities we visit, and carbon offset every flight we sell.   

Contact us today to start planning your exciting itinerary.  Complete an enquiry form or call us on 0117 452 1159!

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